As a volunteer in the rehabilitation department, Theo helped people eat independently with one arm. This daily problem made Theo think and he tinkered a first model that makes the life of the patient easier. Patients, doctors, nurses and occupational therapists ... Everyone saw that a sustainable solution was in the making here.

Bouncer product designers studied and refined the design. With the most modern techniques we developed a functional board for people with a one-arm limitation. Many actions suddenly become possible thanks to the modern Theomatik.

Or how societal engagement, innovation and cooperation can lead to heart-warming solutions for each of us.

theomatik technical specs

The separate plate fits on the tray. The tray contains wedge-shaped openings in which all products fit and remain clamped. This allows the products to be opened one-handed. The removable knife can open all bags of sugar, tea and fillings. In addition, the Theomatik is stackable for logistics convenience.

Theomatik, the table tool to allow people with one functional arm to eat independently again. Both at home and on the move. Discover him in the video
For everyone with a disability

VSooner or later we will all be faced with a minor or greater physical discomfort. Bouncer creates solutions that make these limitations bearable, less noticeable, worry-free. Bouncer makes things 'doing' easier and more fun again. So it revolves around you, not your problem.